Glen Salmon and Dr. Gwen White of the USFWS will be speaking about the Landscape Conservation Cooperatives, the applied conservation science partnership that was recently created to address the conservation challenges of the 21st century, and how the cooperation and communication from individuals across many agencies and organizations can help protect species given our rapidly changing environment.

Dr. Tina Brunjes with the Kentucky Department of Natural Resources will speak about the reintroduction of a previously extirpated species, the elk, into Kentucky. Dr. Brunjes will speak about the steps leading up to reintroduction of elk, including the reasons why it was undertaken and the partnerships formed in bringing elk back, as well as the management over time that has allowed the elk to grow to healthy levels today.

Dr. Patti Vitt with the Chicago Botanical Gardens will discuss the impacts of fragmentation and climate change and how they may impact populations of rare and endangered plants. Dr. Vitt will also discuss alternative conservation strategies, such as assisted migration, a controversial technique that may help protect species from going extinct.

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