IAFS Outreach

  • Inform IAFS members of available outreach materials
  • Encourage IAFS members to promote AFS to the public
  • Record IAFS outreach events

Outreach Materials
IAFS Brochure
One page double-sided handout as a .pdf.
IAFS Display Board


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This Is AFS Power Point Slides
• Interested in providing aquatic resourcegofishlogo.jpg education for your students or community?  Get trained in the Go FishIN program, become a Crew Captain, and have access to educational materials and fishing equipment.

Awards and Scholarships
What would be considered
an IAFS Outreach Event?
Any event (public appearance, activity, etc) where an IAFS member describes and promotes AFS (parent, state chapter, or student subunit) to non-AFS people even when AFS is not the central message of the event or activity.

AFS Education Section Info..
Fisheries Techniques Companion Visuals
The companion visuals for the second edition of Fisheries Techniques are now available. For each textbook chapter, a series of figures and a PowerPoint presentation were developed.
This project was undertaken by a special committee of the Education Section, co-chaired by Trent Sutton and Steve Lochmann. Thank you to the co-chairs, and especially to all the chapter authors and individuals who provided the figures.
AFS Policy: Education and Outreach
AFS Education Section
The EDUCATION SECTION of the AFS is an association of AFS members whose goals are to:
  • improve the quality of education for fisheries students and scientists
  • promote exchange of education information, techniques, and materials among educators and among educational institutions
  • foster improved communication and information exchange among fishery educators, employers, fisheries specialists, students, and the public.

At the Education Section website you will find information useful to educators, students, and other professionals interested in fisheries education. The website includes information on the background, governance, special activities, and functions of the EDUCATION SECTION, as well as many links of interest to fisheries educators and students.

Assessing AFS Student Needs and Desires: Survey Results

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