Officers & Committees

President: Reuben Goforth
President-Elect: Ben Miller
Vice-President: Drew Holloway
Past-President:  Tom Bacula
Secretary/Treasurer: Brianna Ciara

Standing Committees
Awards: Rob Ackerson
Program: Reuben Goforth
Membership: Ben Miller
Nominations: Mark Pyron
Communications (Newsletter): Tom Bacula
Communications (Webmaster): Nicholas Haunert
Communications (Social networking): Drew Holloway
Resolutions: Dan Carnahan

Ad hoc Committees
Continuing Education: Steve Andrews
Certification: Vacant
Legislative Communications: Bob Robertson
History and Archives: Mark Pyron
Outreach: Clinton Kowalik

Technical Committees
Rivers and Streams: Vacant
Centrarchid: Kevin Gaston
Esocid: Nicholas Haunert
Walleye: Vacant
Ictalurid: Craig Jansen

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