IAFS Awards

 Paper/Poster Awards

Professionals and students are encouraged to present their work at the annual Spring IAFS meeting by responding to the "call for papers/posters".  Included are the judge's evaluation form(s) for paper and poster presentations (Click Here for a Copy).  Awards are presented at the annual Fall IAFS meeting for the Following:

Best Professional Paper
Best Professional Poster
Best Student Paper
Best Student Poster

 IAFS Student Tavel Award

The recipient of the Best Student Paper is offered the IAFS Student Travel Award of $200 to present at the Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference.  If he/she declines, the award is secondarily offered to the Best Student Poster recipient.  If neither winner accepts the award, the Awards Committee, with the approval of IAFS EXCOM, may consider applications from other students (Download Full Description HERE).

 Nomination Based Awards

Nomination based awards are announced at the fall IAFS fall business meeting followed by a "call for nominations" via the November newsletter. Nominations should be submitted to the awards chair by December 21 of the following year. Awards are presented at the annual spring IAFS technical meeting for the following (Download Full Description HERE).  To nominate an individual or gorup for one of these awards complete this application and send it to the IAFS awards Chair.

Most Active Organization in Indiana Fisheries
Excellence in Fisheries Science
Outstanding Student Research
Exceptional New Member

For more information or to nominate someone for an award contact:
Rob Ackerson
IAFS Awards Chair

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