Proposed By-laws Amendment - Posted 6/24/2014

In order to be in compliance with the Indiana Gaming Commission our by-laws need to have a dissolution clause added. We are trying to get registered with the Indiana Gaming Commission in order to hold a raffle at the 2015 Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference. The proposed amendment is to be posted for review for 30 days. After that time an electronic survey will be sent to paid members for voting.  The proposed dissolution clause read as follows:
 The Indiana Chapter of the American Fisheries Society (INAFS) may be dissolved only with authorization by its Executive Committee given at a special meeting called for that purpose and with subsequent approval by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the voting members (status determined by the Treasurer). Upon dissolution or other termination of  INAFS, all remaining assets of  INAFS, after payment in full of all its debts, obligations, and necessary final expenses, or after the making of adequate provision therefore, shall be distributed to the American Fisheries Society parent society.
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